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Since Tall Tails Training began serving families in 1995, our specialty has been solving dog behavior problems in the family setting. Our behavior modification education began with the National K-9 Training Center in Columbus, Ohio and has been augmented by seminars from Cornell University and published behavior specialist C. W. Meisterfeld. We continue our studies yearly by actively seeking out the latest canine behavior from many different aspects. Our programs are reflections of our total education and experience.

Behavior problems are symptoms of a deeper problem within the dog. Tall Tails Training does not endorse or teach "quick fixes" which may mask the problem, aggravate the root cause and make the dog's general behavior worse. Understanding the true root cause of the behavior problem is essential to developing an effective management plan. Through a highly detailed in-home evaluation, a complete management plan is determined specifically for each situation.

The key to managing behavior problems (from House-Soiling to Aggression) is to understand why they exist in the first place. Understanding the root cause of your problem behaviors gives you many keys about how to manage them.

An effective behavior management plan must have the following parts:

1. Establish a basis of Communication (Obedience Command Language).

2. Identify and modify or remove the root cause(s) of the behavior.

3. Relieve the existing symptoms.

4. Resocialize, teach or create a new behavior pattern.

5. Establish a reasonable time for complete Resocialization.

Through this process the clients receive education to understand and eliminate the core problem within the dog as well as skills to prevent future problems and maintain a healthy balanced relationship with their dog.


Tall Tails Training
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